Founded in 1999, we started to adopt digital jewelry photography as one of the first studios in Belgium. Over the years we have built a great expertise in this niche of high-end photography.

Ofcourse we specialize in jewelry photography, but offer also other services like food photography, weddings, etc...
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Today we can offer services for jewelry photography, retouching, advertising layout and catalogue design.

Wij zijn begonnen met juwelen fotografie, sieraden fotografie, in 1999, en hebben dadelijk de juwelen en sieraden digitaal gefotografeerd. In de loop der jaren hebben we een reputatie uitgebouwd als juwelenfotograaf en sieradenfotograaf.
Naast onze specialisatie in juwelen fotografie en fotografie van sieraden, kunnen wij ook packshots en andere studio-fotografie bieden, zoals fotografie van sieraden op model, modellenfotografie met juwelen, enz..

Vandaag bieden wij u diensten aan op gebied van juwelen fotografie, juwelen retouche en layout/advertenties en cataloog design met juwelen en sieraden.

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Free jewelry studio testshoot
for any new clients!

For each new client we offer the first shoot of 1 or 2 pieces of jewelry FREE OF CHARGE. Just to get to know your needs and demands regarding mighting, reflections, diamond shine, etc.. *
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Jewelry model testshoot
in Brussels or Antwerp!

Every year we commit ourselves to a testshoot with models.  So you can experience for yourself what a model can do as an added value to your jewelry presentations and ad campaigns.
The next testshoot is in Brussels during the month of June or July. Mail us for more information or conditions!

Erwin Maes Photography - 3840 Borgloon - Belgium - - +32 12230198